Thursday, May 19, 2011

What TLDs have to do with TM?

Copyright notices should go out to all major brans as ICANN beings their gTLD process.

Too much web jargon for you?

Let me break it down.

The TLD, or top level domain, is everything to the right of the last period in your domain name., the TLD is .com, the TLD

ICANN is now going to permit applications for any number of iterations for new TLDs.

That means you could conceivable get .cars, .meat, .sex, etc.

You could also apply for .apple, .ibm, etc.

Most brandable corporations, especially ones with three letters in the name, are aware of the change. But I'm willing to bet there's going to be a slew of infringement cases hitting courtrooms as people try to capitalize on sleepy brand managers.

Certainly a boon of work for TM attorneys....

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